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Since 2006, we have trained up 4,000+ people and worked with over 350 businesses with delivering NVQ’s and EOR202N courses.  We’ve built up testimonials, video diaries and case studies from newly trained lift engineer workers, lift employers and lift sub-contractors connected with the lift and escalator industry.

Since 2013, we’ve been able to help lift employers with £1,000’s of pounds worth of funded training and support for new trainee lift engineers we supply and place into work.  Up to 90% of our work is externally funded which means that the recruitment and training costs are significantly reduced and most of the upfront time in finding and training the right people is saved.

From 2020, we’ve also supported experienced professionals from the engineering and/or construction industries to enter the lift industry as an alternative avenue for employment.  Support is always available to start and complete the right training courses and to progress into self-employment or onto sub-contracting specialist lift jobs or project work.

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Rob is passionate about helping new people into work, NVQ lift engineering training, and helping lift employers/organisations find really good new and established lift engineers, Rob always sees the bigger picture and is able to apply common sense and good business acumen to any opportunity or challenge he is faced with.

Glen Addis 
Director of East London Business Place, Canary Wharf Group plc

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